Friday, May 7

Chairs.....Have a Seat.....

This is my first blog-post with my new laptop.  Can you tell?

Ok, so we'll start in the office.  This is an Aunt Freida chair.  You can't really tell because it's covered up with some sort of Indian Blanket.  It is almost big enough for three people.  I wish we had the couch. 

Not all chairs are meant to be used.  This might very well be one of them.  It's rather old.  Just look, don't sit.

This is another office chair.  We call is a Principal Chair.  Doesn't it look like the chairs in the office at the grade school you attended?

This would be the chair my husband uses to study.  I am not a fan of these kinds of chairs....I always feel like they are going to dump me out.....backwards.

This is my newest chair.  But I think it is pretty old.  I have a friend that wants to help me re-do it.  I'm sure she will want it in pink.  I have a daughter that wants it in her room....with flip-flop fabric.  I think I will just keep this afghan on it.  It fits perfect.  I almost sat in this chair on Thursday when I was sick, but decided against it.  I want good memories, not ones filled with bugs.

How did people used to put their children in such unsafe chairs....and look, I lived to blog about it.  I love these chairs......I have put a few grandkids and missionary kids in chairs just like this.  If the child is wobbly, you just tie them in with a long dishtowel. 

This is a very nice old chair in the Bunny Room.  I like to read my Bible in here.  I have lots of pens and pencils in this room.........I am one of those that highlights and marks books up.  I like to look back in books I have read and go right to a good spot. I like this little room.  It is cozy, and I like this chair.


This is Lydia's school chair.  It's a nice little chair, too. 

Thanks, Kim. Nobody likes to use this chair.  The paint is not wet.  Really.

This is the computer chair.  It came from an old hospital in Kansas.  Actually, it was the hospital where I was born.  I wonder if my mom's doctor ever used this chair? It's kind of getting torn up from so much use....

Mama Bear might not have her husband around....but she has a nice little chair in the doorway of our house.

This is a pretty neat old chair.  We used to have the couch......but we sold it at a garage sale.  We sold it before we even got it off the trailer.  This is a nice chair to take old fashioned pictures in.

This is rather a strange chair, but it is a chair.  I think it was meant to be a telephone chair....but I use it for putting toys eye level with Alisa.  When she stayed with us during the birth of her sister, she knew where she could get a couple of fun cans to play with.  There is also a hidden?'s where I keep my mittens and hats.  Heather gave me this chair.  I like it.

If I sat on this chair more often, I could probably still play Swans on the Lake with the girls.

Here is part of last year's Mother's Day present.  I have really enjoyed these chairs....I love to be outside when the weather is nice and just enjoy....the driveway?

Brother Cabrera gave me this chair a long time ago.  We had it in the house for a short time, then the back yard, then the front, then the back.  It's pretty hard to drag around, but if you want a bouncy lawn chair, you have no choice.

Do NOT sit on this chair.  It is only decoration.  And a great decoration it is.....

Hmmmm, guess we have three of those chairs.  Now I only have ONE school kid.  Guess I'll have to fill the empty ones up with rabbits.  Dumb-Bunnies.

This would be an Aunt Gladys chair.  She always had a chair like this in her kitchen.  If we wanted to use this chair, it would probably be OK, but there is usually a rabbit using it.

Well, now you know about the chairs in our home.  Well, not all of them.  I had to leave some out.  You'll have to come visit us to see which ones those are.


Kristi said...

Great post! Great chairs!! The one with mama bear on it is like the ones I remember sitting in, in Sunday School when I was a little girl.


Karen said...

Woo-hoo!!! A laptop!! Enjoy!! Mine quit a couple years ago...I miss it!! Anyhoo, luv the pics! We used to have some great chairs....but I did a dumb thing and got rid of I wish I hadn't....Have a blessed Mother's Day tomorrow!!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

don't ever get rid of your old chairs....don't ever get rid of your old chairs.....

Sara said...

I know some of the chairs personally but most have been added since I left the premise.
Do we still have the pink metal one from the hospital?

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Sara, it's my sewing chair.

Grammie Kim said...

I really need to pay more atttention. I only remember some of them. My house would be sooooo boring to you, Mo...
BUT I will have lots of fun flower pots around the house...we've been garage saling!

Heather said...

Wonderful chairs!!! I'll take the pink broqued squishy one. Is the wire thing on the "look but don't sit" green chair a bird cage?

I have an antique bird cage by my front door but there's no bird in it. I like the fact that EVERYone who comes to my house has to pause to look to see if there's a bird in there. Then they ALL have to ask why there's an empty bird cage by my door. I love predictability!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

It is an old bird cage.....but it would have to be an eagle or a turkey so it couldn't get out.....I pulled over to the side of the road to get it off the top of a *pile* of trash....and somebody else was doing the same thing. Only I was first in line.