Wednesday, April 7

Spiritual Exercise

Let all be exhorted earnestly to seek much of an humble spirit, and to endeavor to be humble in all our behavior toward God and men. Seek for a deep and abiding sense of your comparative meanness before God and man. Know God. Confess your nothingness and illdesert before Him. Distrust yourself. Rely only on god. renounce all glory except from Him. Yield yourself heartily to His will and service. Avoid an aspiring, ambitious, ostentatious, assuming, arrogant, scornful, stubborn, willful, leveling, self justifying behavior. And strive for more and more of the humble spirit that Christ manifested while He was on earth.
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ancient one said...

Great Post... spoke directly to me... ouch.. I needed this today..

Grammie Kim said...

One thing is for sure, if we spend time trying to accomplish this humble spirit, we won't have much time for glorifying ourselves.

Good exhortation, Michele. Not only toward God, but toward men...