Tuesday, April 13


I love these old children's songbooks.  I have a whole pile of them....and probably gave less than a quarter for each. When all the kids were little,  I would find the tune with my flute,
then teach the song to them. 
I still hum and sing these little songs.  We all especially
liked Ducky Duddle.
He was a duck!!  It didn't matter if he
got wet or not. 
He didn't have an *I don't care* attitude,
he just  knew what he was....a DUCK....
and that a little water would not hurt anything.

Over In the Meadow tells us about mothers and their babies...
One song on page 16, which was written in 1938, encouraged kids to get out of bed
and play in the moonlight!  IN THE STREET !!
Now that seems like a rebellious and dangerous thing to do.

Hippety Hop to the barber shop....to buy a stick of candy....

Come with Me....let's go skaaaaating skaaaaating

Quiet is the Night
Quiet is the night, soft is the breeze,
Dim is the moon over the trees.
Sleep, children, sleep, be not alarmed,
Angels on guard shall keep you unharmed.

(I guess this is for the kids who aren't playing in the street !!)

Loving Care
God has numbered in the sky
all the stars that shine on high
Worlds so great and sparrows small
God is watching over all

Do you think we could find a song like this today in our public school books?

Good Morning Sky !
On a Rainy Day !
Rain in the Night  !

Autumn Leaves
See the lovely autumn leaves of red and gold and brown.
Gently floating on the breeze, resting on the ground.

Fun in Our Garden
It's fun to work in our garden,
It's fun to work and hoe,
It's fun to plant the tiny seeds,
It's fun to watch them grow.

Maybe the next time you see an old songbook, and you have a dollar or two,
buy it.  If you're plumb out of your own kids to sing with,
grandkids always come along.....


Grammie Kim said...

You are such a fun Grandmother, Mo. Teach them all to Alisa and Hannah, so they can sing them to me when I come to visit.
{contented sigh}

Sara said...

I remember alot of those songs. I sing them to the kids. Thanks for taking the time when we were little to do that with us.

Mrs. Mobunny said...


Humble wife said...

I love over in the meadow in the sand and the sun!!!
Fun fun fun, and I cannot wait for the grandbabies!!

Anonymous said...

Are any of those yellow and by Random House? This is Norma

Mrs. Mobunny said...

None by Random House, but a couple of them are yellow.