Tuesday, April 13

I did it!!

figured it out
finally figured it
I can make a real
drawstring bag.
I saw it on Martha Stewart.
Then went to her site and learned even more.
Then totally messed it up.
Then figured it out.
Now I won't forget.
I gave this,
my first one,
to my pink friend.

(rabbit not included)


Grammie Kim said...

What will she do with it???
Tell her I said to appreciate it. I have one of your first bags. I will show it to you one of these days...

kt said...

SO cute!!!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

she will prolly put pink things in it.....

Rene' said...

Very cute, Mrs. Mo!

Sara said...

I like pink... and yellow... and blue!

Kristi said...

I love it!! So cute. Love your pink friend too. ;)