Monday, March 22

Kimberly Joan

Kimberly was named after two very close friends of mine at the time I was pregnant. She is our fifth child and our third girl. She plays piano, makes bread and calls POP, soda.
She is the 5th child we have graduated..........she opted out of a graduation party like the other kids had.........and got a three day two night trip with her cousin Marina instead. It was a very nice time for all of us. I enjoyed getting to know Marina better and I know Kimberly was glad that she was with us.
We met Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tina in Bastrop for breakfast, traded girls, and headed to San Antonio via senic route.
We went to down town San Antonio........Ripley's Believe it or Not, then the Wax Museum, then just the girls went to the mirror maze.
Then we went to stand in line to eat at Rainforest Cafe. Kimberly ordered diet water, Marina ordered melted ice.

Got up the next morning and ate breakfast at the motel........which did NOT have a waffle maker.
Drove to Natural Bridge Caverns and now we can say we've been there and done that.
Everybody but me enjoyed it.
It was creepy and slick and straight up and straight down. Nothing I would ever choose.
We ate at Olive Garden then went to an upper crust mall.
Looked for a Dairy Queen but couldn't find one, so we ate dessert at Cracker Barrel.

Left for home the next morning. The weather was beautiful Thursday and Friday and a ***COLD***front came in Saturday morning.
We left our girls with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tina.........
It's just me and Bunny, and Jolly, and the two birds, and the two outside cats.
See, I'm never really alone when James is driving his bus.
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Kristi said...

Already looked at the pics. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time. Justin wants a graduation trip also. I think he and his friends are talking about going to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. Parental supervision, of course! But he's excited and we have our graduation date set for May 13. He also graduates from the community college on the 11th. He's excited about that too. Kim is a wonderful girl. I fell in love with her as soon as I started reading her blog. You are very, very blessed!!!!


Grammie Kim said...

Kimberly Joan is a fortunate girl! What a lovely graduation "party" she had...
Hope you enjoyed your time with the dog and cats and birds and James.
How's that weeding going? :o)