Tuesday, November 24

A Funny? Thanksgiving

I lived in Central Kansas most of my growing up years. My cousins lived in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. I LOVED to go see them. They lived at the end of a sandy road, a stone's throw from an old wooden bridge. It went over some railroad tracks and it smelled like tar. It was REALLY hot in the summer and it was great fun to ride bikes over. Right after the bridge was a little dirt road that took us to a store called Roger's. That is where I remember buying a sack full of candy for a quarter!
That wasn't the only reason I liked to go, I loved my Aunt Gladys and Uncle Bill. And my cousins. Usually when we got there....it was just a matter of minutes before I was in trouble. My cousins each had their own bedroom (with posters and a black light) in the basement, they had a playhouse out back, they had a neat kitchen, a bathroom off of the kitchen so you could brush your teeth and watch somebody do the dishes at the same time. They always had a little dog and we had roast and steak at their house. My cousin and I were only a year apart........my sister and other cousin were the same age. The boy cousin fell in between all of us. He called me Shell. He reminds me of our son Daniel. Then there was the oldest boy. He was weird. He didn't even mind if you called him weird. These are the cousins my Granny would name off before she came to my name......susanscottsharolynmichele. That is pretty much what my Granny called me.
Well, we went to their house one Thanksgiving as we had done many times before. We had a regular holiday with them and somehow the parents decided that my sister and I would stay and our mom and dad would go home. Poor Aunt Gladys. One by one all of us got sick. We all just had a good old fashioned bug. We went to the show......and when we got home my cousin puked in my red tennis shoe. The next night we went somewhere else and I ate a Carmello candy bar. That's the night Scott and I got sick. Pretty soon, all of the kids were draped on the front room furniture moaning. I remember sitting on a little kitchen step stool chair visiting with Scott as he was being sick....remember the bathroom was off of the kitchen..........It had to be a horrible week-end for my Aunt. I don't remember what she did or what she said.....I just remember each one of us kids, one by one getting the bug.
Later we find out that Aunt P. and Uncle R.D. were sick their whole way home. We're pretty sure they brought the bug with them, spread it around, then took it home.
They should have stayed home.
As bad as it was, it is now a happy memory. I hope it is for my Aunt Gladys, too.
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