Tuesday, October 6

You are what you eat...........

OK, I don't look like a carrot, or a piece of celery. I look more like a donut or a plump radish.
We are what we eat. We just got back from a state where everybody wears hoodies and hiking boots. I didn't see anybody eating granola, but I bet they do.


We can't hide this. Unless there are serious circumstances involved, we pretty much ARE what we digest. I can ponder all I want, I can wonder and try to figure it out and be in a quandry.......but I am what I eat.


In this day of computers.......we are also what we blog.
I came across a lovely blog the other day......you know how it happens. You go to a blog, then you click on another one...then another.....
and you find yourself adding it to your favorites. That is the case with this blog:


Every picture I looked at was whimsical and fun, every quote I read made me smile. It was a very enjoyable experience. Like a good book. A good book with very good pictures!

I have been challenged by other blogs.......women who know how to do things I do not have inspired me to do better.


All blogs are different.....just like people.
Some people have more than one blog. That's who they are. They can't fit it all into one! I have more than one.....
Some have lots of random topics, some have just one.
Recipes, landscapes, home-schooling, sewing, raising children, modesty, devotionals, pets, a family business, trips, gardens, messages, baby stuff, movies, healthy eating, technical stuff, herbs........the list is as long as people are unique.

I probably go to more blogs of people I have never met, than people that I personally know.
The people I know, their blogs fit them to a T. Whatever that is?

Grandchildren, flowers, beach pictures, tea-pots, babies, home-schooling, recipes, sewing.....

I visit blogs of people I have never met.
They have the same sort of blogs, I don't know them in person....but sometimes I feel like I do.

Blogs are a fun thing.


I remember the first time I came to KNOW about blogs......I thought the lady meant CLOGS. Then I thought.....blog.......blog? what in the world is that? I doubt I can ever figure it out to have one. Oh. What is ONE?

Do you remember the first time you heard or saw the word BLOG?
What made you name your blog what you did?
What is your goal? your intent?

Just like real life......we don't put our worst foot forward,


we don't blurt the ugly things in our lives, we don't announce our failures and show people pictures that we think are bad.....when our hair is fried*** Why would it be any different with blogs? Everybody tends to put up the cropped and fixed up pictures and the lovely words....don't be surprised or put off by it. What's wrong with trying to be positive and provoking others to think on lovely things?

biscuit recipes
baby feet
funny signs
verses that edify
sweet poems
fun facts
Zote soap


I am Mobunny........I have a bosom buddy that called me MO for many years.......I like rabbits...so I put the two together. I change it up a little bit sometimes, but I am really Mobunny in the end. SadBunny.....PiddleBunny.....SewBunny........


I named my blog Rabbit Trails because I knew that is what it would turn out to be. Lots of random thoughts. And pictures. I love to post pictures to make others smile. That's why it's been so hard on me lately not to be able to freely do so.


I want my friends to come down the trails with me......to ponder the paths of their feet, to maybe do something new, to see something that makes them smile, to be encouraged.........and maybe even use one of my pictures for a screen saver!!!


Happy blogging to all of you......
I will probably never meet most of you.......until We All Get To Heaven...


Grammie Kim said...

Hey, Bosom Buddy! Did you have to talk about what we eat? Ok...so I don't look like a celery stick either...
I remember the first time I heard the word "blog" and thought it sounded stupid...a waste of time...
until the thought came to me that I could share about our lives in this far away place with others that can't be here with us. I have enjoyed sharing, and getting to know others via blogging...like your mother-in-law, who has a talent for encouraging others. And your blog, MO, is so you...I have learned more about different facets in your life, if that is possible, through your posts.
I have discovered that one of my daughters has a flair for writing her thoughts in ways that she usually doesn't share vocally. What fun!

Oh, and you forgot "brownies" in your fun list. :o)

May the Lord bless your day, my dear friend. How I miss you...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

sniff sniff.....miss you too

Chas said...

What a great list! I love it.
I loved looking at all your great pics from your trip. What fun, I esp. loved the line... We just got back from the state where everyone wears hoodies and hiking boots, I didn't see anyone eating granola, but I bet they did! LOL! I loved it!
Have a great day Mrs. Mo!
Love to you and your bosom friend Grammie Kim too! :)

Peach said...

"what a day of rejoicing that will be!!"