Thursday, October 22

Granny's Old House


This is my Granny's old house in Kansas.  I love this house.  Wish we could buy it.....I remember she had daisies underneath her clothesline.  She always had red jello and pork chops in the fridge.  She loved glass wot-nots.  She had a wooden case (with sliding glass doors) full of them and when she walked in the house they moved around....her house was on bricks and I guess it was kind of shaky.  As a young kid, I thought it was pretty neat.  She also never minded when we opened up those glass door and played with her pretties. 
She had orange slices, Wrigley's gum, the round pink mints with x's on them in her candy dish.  I don't think Granny knew about cavities.  She LOVED it when we got into her candy dish.....I can still see it inside her cabinet door.  Even though we had full permission to do it, we were still in the kitchen and nobody could SEE us getting her candy!
She had jewelery boxes full of costume jewelery.  Her drawers were full of scarves and fancy nightgowns.  We were welcomed to that stuff, too.  I never remember her telling us to get off of her bed.  And her bed was always made.....with a pretty quilt or something. 
She had pillows everywhere in her frontroom.  Her sister crocheted, knitted and quilted so there was always an interesting pillow on the back of her couch.
Her kitchen table was by a window....but nobody ever sat there.  There was always a bouquet of plastic flowers in a huge glass vase taking up most of the room.
Granny had pens and pencils everywhere. She laid pens that did not work on top of her heating stove to make the ink warm up so the pen would work.....she had a water cooler too.  I would sit in front of it in the summer and let it spit water on me.
  She layered different colored kleenexes in see through plastic containers.  White kleenexes were not going to work for her.  Her bathroom was purple and she had painted mermaids on her wall.  I used to think they were not very nice......mermaids just are NOT nice. Everything in her bathroom had a light sprinkling of powder on it.  Just think back to the day when you bought powder with puffs for presents!  
She would sometimes get her hair dyed the light purple as grannies did back then.  Or, her hair would just be brushed and kind of scary.  
She went to yard sales and bought old clothes and tore them up for rag rugs.  I still have the very wooden crochet hook she used.    
Granny didn't read, she watched game shows.  But she never hollered if you got in front of the TV.  I know we went in and out and in and out and I never remember her getting onto us for anything. 
There was a big yellow rose bush right outside the front steps.  You had to edge around it or you got poked and scratched.
The steps you see are the steps that caused Granny to make this statement every time we left.....
"Don't Fall Down and Go Boom!"
I know I've probably shared all of this with you before....I was just looking at pictures and a flood of Granny Memories came to me.
We have a song that says........if you still have your Grandma, give her, a hug, for me.


Grammie Kim said...

Oh, such a nice post! I loved reading about your grannie. I wish I was such a good grammie, but I don't let my grandkids jump on the bed...sorry.
My grandma always had two tupperwares, one with homemade sugar cookies with the little colored sprinkle balls, and the other with chocolate chip cookies. Grandpa's candy dish always had lemon drops, and those Brach's chocolate bon bon candies with different flavored centers. Grandma always had a garden of irises growing so she could cut a huge vase full for the front table at church on Sunday. She had a whole picture window full of violets in various stages of growth. And her cupboard in the spare bedroom always had a variety of Avon goodies to chose from on our "special" days. Grandma always made Swiss Braid bread at
4AM, and made her own strawberry jam to spread on it. Grandpa's bread and jam never came out quite right on his plate, so he always had to have a little bit more of one or the other! :o)
Thanks for taking me back down the memory lane...
I remember the "don't fall down go boom" statement from my childhood.
Love it, Mo....

Anonymous said...

What a *lovely* post. I really enjoyed reading this. I miss my Nanny very much....

ancient one said...

We always lived across the road from my grandmother, and now mama lives in her old house. My sister and I sit and reminence about our "Grandma" and we both have commented that she must have gotten so tired of us seven younguns running over to her house every day... but she always acted like she was so glad to have us... I love to hear about other's granny's....

Abounding Treasures said...

What a delightful post and what treasured memories you have of your sweet Granny :o)

I miss my Grandma very much and often wish I had taken more time to sit and chat with her and ask her lots of questions about her own life and childhood ...