Sunday, June 14

A poem.........

My Father-In-Law wrote this poem! I had permission to get it from his blog.


After buying a new television and DVD player this past week, I was very frustrated trying to get it hooked up, so I wrote this poem to share my frustration with you all.

I took the new T.v. out of the box
I couldn't wait to tune it to FOX.
When I got it out , I stood amazed
But I had a job to do, I wasn't fazed,
Where was the old T.V. with only one connection?
You would just hook it up, and get picture perfection.
This T.V. has connections galore,
At least three hundred, maybe more.
I took the manual and started to read,
When I couldn't understand, I realized,
It was in Spanish, which I didn't need.
I flipped the manual to the other side,
And I sought information with glowing pride.
For information, I did seek
But the more I read, the more it sounded like Greek.
Against my will, I picked up the phone,
I am sure in this, I am not alone.
I called "Tech Help" to get some advice.
When he finally answered, he wasn't very nice.
After hours of waiting, the first thing I was told,
"Can you wait a few minutes, while I put you on hold?"
After a few minutes, he came back,
"What can I do for you, Mr. Mac?"
After hours of working, we finally got it right.
But it took all day and most of the night.
This morning when I took the T.V. out of its box,
FOX and Friends was then on FOX.
O'riley and Hannity have now come and gone,
Greta Van Sestran was all that was on.
I looked down at the remote and I said, "WOW!"
I wanted to change channels, but I didn't know how.

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Grammie Kim said...

Yep...Bro. McEntire is right...we were told our channel 7 Fox would be on 22. We turn it to 22 and it reverses back to 7.1.
Ty found it on in the world are we supposed to find the news??

Pastor McEntire said...

It is a lot better when he reads it!

Peach said...

Precious. Totally precious.
I think my fave part was about the Spanish. But, I really like how you added Greek as well.

And, the cliff hanger at the end has me nail-less.