Monday, April 13

random shots

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~~Deby said...

great pics...think my favorite is Spring on your windowsill....I love that look....
Hope you had a great Resurrection Sunday.

ancient one said...

The spring on your windowsill is pretty... but hey...sit me at the table...LOL

Chas said...

I love the spring on your windowsill so pretty! :)
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

grammie Kim said...

Yep, I'm with Deby, ancient one, and Chas! The window sill is the BEST!!!
Isn't it so good that God gives us the sun and the colorful flowers to make our hearts sing? Jim stands at the window and stares...just waiting for the chance to get out and work in the yard. The more sun we get, the longer he stands there. :o) I am so thankful that my hubby loves to make the yard beautiful, since I don't have the knack.