Monday, April 13

In the merry merry month of........


It started at 3:30 this morning. I couldn't sleep, so I thought, why not get up and make a bunny craft? So I did.
I don't think it's exactly necessary to get up that early to do do yours around 10.
Go to Martha Stewart's site, craft of the day.

Here is my day. I spent most of the time outside and playing games.
I also talked to both my mom and dad on the phone.
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Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

And that seems like a more profitable way to spend your time rather than fretting about the sleep you're not getting. (o;

grammie Kim said...

Been thinkin' 'bout your dad. Hope he is more chipper.

Kristi said...

Very cute bunny craft!



Michele said...

the days are just packed!!!