Monday, April 13

April Day Afternoon

I pulled weeds on my side of the back yard........poured some leaves out of a bag to serve as a ground covering to kill weeds.
It's a strange thing, I get new weeds every year. Ones I've never seen before.

Here I am killing red ants. The stuff we bought really does work. Sprinkle it on the mound, then water it a little.

I have a scarf on my head, that's why I look Dutch or something. Kimberly and I played Washers.

Got clothes off the line and parked my bike in the back yard.
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Anonymous said...

MO~~ is that a RABBIT HUTCH that you are using for your cookware storage?!! ROFL!!! i love you!!!!! you are one of the wacky(in a Nice way)-est, FUN-est ladies i know! :D


Michele said...

It's Millie's old hutch. I had to find a safe place for my old pots and's not too sturdy, I hope it doesn't fall over.