Wednesday, March 4

One Radish

I am so glad my family does not depend on me to keep food on the table.
The bottom picture may look like I have lots more coming, but it isn't so.
It's just greenery.
This is when I miss Millie my rabbit (died July 26) the most.........I would eat the radish, and she would eat the tops.
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Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of Lydia--what a doll!

I'm sorry you lost your rabbit last year--I've always thought I'd like to have a rabbit but thought it wouldn't be a very good idea since I have cats. (o;

I wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind and encouraging comment. I've enjoyed getting to know you a bit, via blogging,--You have the *most delightful* sense of humor! I also enjoy it when you write spiritual posts because you just seem to be so FULL of common sense. (o:


Chas said...

Maybe it would be nice for you to get a new rabbit. :) Spring is a good time! :)
I have never loved radishes, maybe I should try them again.
Lydia is adorable. She looks like she has such a fun personality in her pictures.
Have a wonderful day Mrs. Mo!

ancient one said...

And that radish is perfect.. just the right size... before they get too hot...

They have rabbits for sale now in the Tractor Supply store near our home. I guess they are suppose to be Easter Bunnies?

Loved this post!

Mobunny said...

this probably would be a good time to get a bunny.......but I'm going to make sure it has a good home before I do so.......I want a hutch that you can move around so bunny can eat fresh greens at random.....and I hope to get two when I do........not two hutches....two bunnies!