Friday, March 27

now I know........

I don't like recipe books or cupcakes. I think I will sleep better tonight now that it's out in the open.
Recipe books are filled with recipes I will never use, Poppyseed Sweet and Sour Artichoke Glaze, Snap Crackle Clean Your Cabinet Spicy Gumdrop Whole Wheat Graham Cracker Cookies, Raspberry Spritz Pickled Eggs with Rosemary.........see what I mean? Recipe books taunt me. They sit on the shelf and smirk. I keep some in a drawer and I know they are laughing at me because I don't USE the recipe for pie crusts and salmon mushroom pasties. I just keep having roast and potatoes....and spaghetti.
I have been using the Reiman Publication magazines.........Taste of Home for many years........that's what I like best. They're fun magazines with good pictures and for the most part, simple good recipes.
Now about cupcakes. First, you make them cause your cake pan is dirty. Then you wonder, do I have enough of those little papers? Should I use what I have and spray the cupcake pan for the rest? Nobody will notice, right? Then you fill the pan and papers up, dripping batter all over the sides. The dripping will burn and smell the oven and kitchen up, making you think the cupcakes are done, but they're not. Then you take the finished product out of the oven to frost them. That is, if you can get them out of the pan. You thought you sprayed it really really good, but come to find out, you didn't.
You will frost the cupcake, the paper and your fingers and the toaster and the counter top and your 4 year old in the process.
Then you eat them. That is, if you don't drop them while you're taking the paper off. Two bites and you're ready for another one, then you look like a pig. Cupcakes just aren't very filling.
Give me a cake any day. And I don't even mind if you got the recipe out of a 4,887 page recipe book. Recipes for Today, From Yesterday, and For Tomorrow.....everything from what space men eat to Italian Fizzies.......and everything in-between...........chocolate covered ants, rodeo burgers, butterscotch flan and grilled pancakes.
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~~Deby said...

I am laughing here...I so agree with much of this, although I tend to like to *read* recipes...why?????..don't know..I stick most of the time to what I about the cupcakes,....Mrs. Mo--you sure make some valid points..I remember as a kid we would even then chew on the papers trying to get every last know...CUPCAKES are very *IN* these days.... I say...*so what*.....actually I prefer PIE or even a good apple fritter, storebought.

Mobunny said...

I prefer do-nuts...birthday party or not!

grammie Kim said...

You are RIGHT! The cookbooks laugh and smirk at me, too. I feel so guilty for not using my recipes...
I know there are good ones in there. I just can't find them when I need them, and resort to a website instead!
And I despise making cupcakes! You put it so susinctly!

Anonymous said...

There are day when I look at the pot of "something" that I made that I think I should have used a recipe book....I will post a picture on my blog of the face that I make on those days. I would post it here but I dont think I can in the comment section :O)

Mobunny said...

that's true too, bek.......some of us need help ...... in different ways.
I piddle. Is there a remedy?

Sheri aka kitchenmaid said...

I shall no longer feel guilty that I hate baking cupcakes. You've itemized all my reasons for hating them and it makes perfect sense to me!