Sunday, March 22

nobody knows.........

these pictures were lost for a couple of days

picasa changed some things up and I haven't adjusted yet, so a couple of times, I have downloaded pictures and before the final click, I erase them right off the computer...and if that isn't enough, I say YES to clearing the memory card.

I got quite upset the other day when I realized I had done it again. It was troubling to say the least.

But Olivia, and the help of some friends, got them back for me. So you CAN wipe your memory card clean and those pictures are still floating around somewhere, out there.

The pictures that were lost, but now are found, were pictures I took on our trip to Mississippi.

thanks Olivia.
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Amy said...

I am sooo VERY happy you found them. I guess when you cleared the memory card they went to the 'lost and found' department. Oliva claimed them on your behalf.
Thanks Olivia!!

ancient one said...

If I lose my pictures like that, do you suppose Olivia could post a step by step thingy that we could use to find our pics again? And see, if she posted on this blog, we could always come back and find the directions if we needed them.

I would love to have all those interesting statues in that one picture, it would probaby make me want to go clean up my yard to show them all off. Then again they might look more scary with tall grass all aroung them..LOL

Mobunny said...

those critters are found at a rest stop.....Atchafalaya? somewhere in Louisiana. It is the funnest place to's in the middle of a 20 mile long bridge over a swamp...thus the crocodile/alligator.

Mobunny said...

ancient one, I'll talk to Olivia and see if she will reveal her secret...