Sunday, March 22

I didn't know..........



So, we have one dress and FIVE girls.......where is the fifth?
Somehow, we never took a picture of Olivia in this dress.
When I had Sara, I had no idea I'd have three more girls.
When I had Olivia I had no idea I'd have two more girls.
When I had Kimberly, I had no idea I'd have one more girl........which was Lydia.......and a grand-daughter that would wear the same dress.
Sorry Olivia.
Oh me, how sweet it would be for Olivia to be in this dress.
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grammie Kim said...

Poor Olivia! No, poor Mo. You probably meant to take a picture of her in that little dress. I imagine Caleb was being demanding on your time, or something...

Pastor McEntire said...

Talk 'bout your poor planning???

ancient one said...

oh, it would have been so nice to have Olivia in that dress, but that's okay... she's probably happy to have her own dress.