Sunday, February 8

Have a Good Sunday

Happy Day to you all.
Sorry about the quality of the picture.....the words may be blurry, but the message is not!
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ancient one said...

Thanks for the reminder! Over 20 years ago, the church I was in was in the middle of a mess. The church eventually split. I had a dear friend send me a card with this very verse. It helped me to get back on track and over the very devastating event.

There is something in GOD's word for any situation.

So far this Sunday has been extra GOOD... church this morning ... a walk by a creek this afternoon... and planning to be back in church tonight!

GOD is Good!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite verses! In fact it's what I based the name of my blog on. (o:

Abounding Treasures said...

One of my very favourite verses!

I am adding your recent comment to the bottom of *Is Sin Really That Bad?* as an update :o)

Thanks and blessings!