Wednesday, February 11

94 years old

So, I was in Hobby Lobby looking at crochet hooks and thread. This little old lady rolls her cart next to mine and says, "So, whatcha gonna make?" I said, "Oh, doilies and stuff like that." We proceeded to talk for almost half an hour about sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting and such things as that. She is 94, her and her husband retired in 79. They moved to a three bedroom apartment in the 40's when Dow started up in this area. It was quite a conversation.........she was quite a lady. She gave me a bag of scraps for me to 'quilt'. I will probably make little girl aprons out of them........there was some fabric in the bag with a paper doll pink. She made quite an impression on me. She said if you let your hands be idle, you get into trouble. I told her I heartily agreed. I didn't get her first name, just her last, and it was an unusual name, so I promptly forgot it.
You can't see her in her vehicle, but I know it wasn't a dream. I have the fabric to prove it.
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kim said...

You should've followed her home, so you could keep in touch!
Maybe you'll see her again in HL.

Humble wife said...

Funny I had a similar experience at Walmart. I had some fabric and was stopped in the dairy section asking me what I was going to make. When I said aprons she and I began a long conversation.

I am giddy remembering because she told me she stopped me for two reasons, one that she rarely sees a woman in skirt and two the fabric. I too wish I would have followed her home. We shared our testimony our lives and where we are going, but neglected to share our address.


ancient one said...

does keeping your hand on the mouse count? you know, keeping me out of trouble? how about the telephone? oh well, I guess I'm in trouble?

Wonder what it is that makes people open up like that? I've had some of the most interesting stories told me by people I know I'll never see again.

~~Deby said...

Oh this was a great post--I too have connected with women in places like that..I find it to be sheer joy----and she is right about keeping your hands busy--surely blogging counts

Mobunny said...

ancient one, step away from the computer.......

and yes, it is refreshing when somebody, a complete stranger strikes up a conversation, and a good one at that!!!

kim and humble wife.......I SURE wish I would have at least got her first name.

Chas said...

What a neat meeting... I love kind people who are nice to meet.
She is exactly right about being idle... I have been keeping my hands busy for a while... I have some baby booties I am crocheting and now a baby sweater. :)
Swoon... I wish they were for a baby for me.
AND, I am going to try my hand at making an Easter dress for Carlie Jean! :) I am so excited!!! :)
Cameo got a handmedown basically brand new dress for her Easter dress and so I am going to use that and base everyone else's outfits around it! :)
Love you Mrs. Mo! :)

Michele said...

Oh how fun! (o:

Anonymous said...

love your humor, always making me laugh.

Abounding Treasures said...

I love meetings like this and have had a few! They bring joy to both myself and the other person and sometimes have been a way to share my testimony, but not always.