Tuesday, January 27


(this particular tree branch stayed here for quite a while, this is where the chain saw gave out)

When we moved here, the enclosed area by the bathroom windows was solid grass. Well, I fixed that. I have planted, pulled, dug, raked, picked, bricked, decorated, unbricked, drug, seeded and watered this area for years and years, and it just mainly did what it wanted. This was what it wanted: airplane plant, ice plant, sorry charlie (weed-ground cover), shamrocks, fern, shrimp plant and hardy iris bulbs that hardly ever bloomed. I've had three trees come up on their own in this section too. One was a mulberry tree. I trimmed that tree often.......one switch at a time. Then came an ash tree. It came up and grew really tall in just a few years. It dropped sooty mold on all of my flowers (?ha), so we cut it down.
Then this tree grew. I kind of like it at first, then came to not like it at all. It has little yellow fuzzy things that drop yellow everywhere, then it would drop the whole flower? Before the fuzzy things were yellow, they were green and dropped off. Then it would just weep in general. Then it made seeds. Then the little green seeds would drop. Then they would turn black and drop. Then they would pop open and drop. Then it would weep even more. Then the leaves in the fall were everywhere in the doorway. (I didn't mind this so much) When the seeds popped, it would leave a hard shell that made being barefoot on the driveway almost impossible. It was always doing something!
So, Saturday, we said TiMBeR.
I am going to turn the garden back to grass except just a little part by the front doorway. It might be a couple of years before we have a picnic in this spot, but it's coming.
I think we will call it Timber Spot.
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Heather said...

I bet it'll look lovely when you're finished!

mosbb said...

Ummm, when you cut a tree down, isn't it supposed to fall A-W-A-Y from the house? Hmmmm?

Ginger said...

Uhm, dittoing mosbbss

Pastor McEntire said...

It didn't fall; it laid down on the house as planned!

Anonymous said...

"...one switch at a time." *cimc*
your house is a lovely color green.
love, Ro.

MOSBB said...

In response to Pastor McEntire,

Just laid down...


Hon Rosie said...

Poor poor tree!
But it DOES look better...
Lydia Rose~