Friday, January 23


I of course fixed some coffee.

This is an old tape that was a gift from somebody a long time ago.
The tape player goes right with it.
Not too modern, but quite effective.

I made a double batch of banana bread.
I added chocolate chips to some of them.
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ancient one said...

And it all was delicious, huh? One year my sisters and mom all made batches of banana nut bread that we froze and had delicious mornings for a long time. I've lost my recipe. It had a bread starter that we messed with for about a week before we made the bread. I think people around here called it "friendship" bread as we all had batter left over to pass on to friends so they could make up a batch of bread. Is that the way you made these?

Ginger said...

So I am thinking I might get one of them breads right of Mrs. MO?

Jamie Anne said...

looks do you keep your bananas from sinking to the bottom? it always happens to me.

grammie Kim said...

THAT is the coffee cup that I will steal from you when we are in the old folks' home...I will hide it and use it when you doze!

Chas said...

Looks wonderful!!!
What a nice morning. :)


Lisa said...

Yummy! I really should make some banana bread...

Hon Rosie said...

How 'bout you make Banana Bread EVERY morning? That sounds pretty good to me! lol
Lydia Rose~

Mobunny said...

JamieAnne, make sure your bananas are really smashed up. I use a potato masher, then I use a mixer.

(and yes, the bread was good, but sometimes it isn't.....the quality of the old bananas makes a big difference)

Kim, now I will be sure to sleep with my beautiful coffee cup.