Sunday, January 11


Jolly is much too dignified to play like this anymore. I'm glad we have pictures from when she was a spry kitten.
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Anonymous said...

Cute kitty pictures!

And I hope you find your gloves. (o:

Heather said...

His eyes are gorgeous!!! Now that he's all grown up, is he a snugglie cat or an, "I MIGHT let you pet me...later....if I feel like it."? We have one of each.

Mobunny said...

Jolly isn't a lap cat. Jolly sleeps in strange places. Jolly will sleep with Lydia......for part of the night, then scratches at the door. Jolly does everything a cat should do.

pounces at the birdcage
crawls around on top of the piano
sits in windowsills and watches the birds in the back yard
skitters through the house and slips on the kitchen floor.......if she had a conscience she would be very embarrassed.

grammie Kim said...

Jolly sounds like she was made to order for you, Mo. Imagine having a cat that didn't sit in the windowsill watching birds! Ridiculous!

~~Deby said...

this is so funny....great pictures

Chas said...

That is hilarious.
SO funny.

Candy-Faith said...

hahaa cute pictures :)

grammie Kim said...

Miss you, dear mo.
Hope all is well.