Wednesday, December 17

Winnie the Pooh Dress

I got this dress for is a CLASSIC!
It will be too big for her when we go in March, but it will fit her some day.
I remember when Sara was little and somebody gave me a pair of shoes that were too big for her.
I don't think I kept them.
I didn't think she would ever grow into them.
Kids grow.
but I didn't know...........
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Humble wife said...

Do you live near the 100 acre wood?

His Wife and Their Mommy said...

ohhhh! Charlie would LOVE a dress like that.. she just would.. yup yup.. the dress you made her is already too small...sigh.. she still wears it

Sara said...

The dress is still hanging in the closet. It's real close to fitting. I think it will make a good spring time dress.
It's a Winnie the Pooh?