Monday, December 15

a project

So we had this blank spot in the kitchen.

I found a yellow frame with a matted thing? in it.
The top left picture is Lydia running in Aunt Nancy's back yard.......when we were there because of hurricane Ike.
The next picture is what I called the birdhouse chair. I hung my old enamel pans on kind of crumbled, so we had to put it on the side of the road.
I'm glad a I have a good picture to remember it by.
The next is a food smile. We were at a church camp out eating breakfast. I'm sure I ate the do-nuts, but I don't remember eating an apple slice. Why would I do that?
The little doll belongs to my sister. It is a really neat little doll. I don't know if she has a name.
I LOVE radishes, and I love my tomato salt shaker.
The picture with the blue chair was also my sister's stuff. Just still life. A chair, a plant, a clock.
The bottom left makes me smile.........I love that picture.........just like the bottom middle. I LOVE to see dark blue Autumn skies with pretty leaves.
The bottom right is my dad. He's kind of scary looking. I remember one time before going to the hospital, he decided to shave and get a hair-cut. He didn't want to scare the people who would be taking care of him. This was taken in front of the 'public' school in the little town they live in. It's where I used to live. I played on the swings outside this building. Many moons ago.
The top and right-hand handkerchiefs are from when I was young also. My sister and I played with these.....mainly to cover up little dolls.
The left-handed lacy one was a gift.......and the bottom is just old......and it went with the leaves.
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That is really neat!!!!

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