Thursday, December 11

Old Things

I LOVE old 'diner' type dishes.

I found this hat in the 'cold weather' box yesterday.
My girls wore this.
Now all of their heads are too big.
Wait, let me re-word that.
Now I don't have any really little girls.

ice crusher in turquoise
bread box in green and off white
old stove piece in white
diner dishes in green, blue and maroon
(gummi bear in orange)
yellow walls

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~~Deby said...

I love VINTAGEY things too..or so they are called...
They all have some sort of history, whatever it is.

mosbb said...

The gummy bear is STILL there???
How many years until he is vintage?

Olivia said...

'big heads'

His Wife and Their Mommy said...

i love that bread box.. I've been looking for a red one or one that I can make into Coca Cola..

Mobunny said...

Chris, those bread boxes are sold in antique stores for about $125......I gave fifty-cents for mine.
You gotta love thrift stores.....

Peach said...

I love my red & white ice crusher (like yours) but your turquoise one is drool-worthy.

Mobunny said...

It was in almost perfect condition. I bought it right before we fled IKE.

Sara said...

No, No!! The first comment was right! We do have big heads thanks to you! LOL