Wednesday, December 17

Norma Cookies

This is a 'keeper' recipe.
Easy and tasty.
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Chas said...

I am going to have to zoom in on that recipe... those look fantastic!

mosbb said...

As in Norma from the shed?

Mobunny said...

yes, it's safe.

mosmintbb said...

I made some with similar ingredients, but put mint M&M's in with the chocolate chips.

Did you know that your BB is a chocolate and mint lover? What I mean is: did you know that it is all I think about when I want a goodie!? I am never quite as satisfied unless there is some mint mixed in with the choc. I even make mint frosting to go on brownies......mmmmmm.
I made mint patties (mcYORK patties). I made Chocolate Mint Surprise cookies for the cookie exchange. I made chocolate drop cookies with mint truffle kisses hiding!!!! I am never going to pull out of this!!!
gotta go
~~sneaking out for a mint~~~~

Abounding Treasures said...

Those look VERY yummy!!

A Note From Theresa said...

Got it, thanks. I'll be bringing most of the desserts to my mom's for Christmas, I'll take this one too.