Wednesday, December 17

My new mulch bucket........

Daniel needed to put some miles on his truck so his computer would hopefully start working so he can get it I had him take me to get some medicine......and to stop at Lowe's on the way home. I've been wanting a mulch bucket that had a lid that wouldn't cause a struggle when it had to be the one I had. I had to put the egg-shells ON THE FLOOR OR SOMEWHERE ELSE, JUST to get the lid off..........and whatever else you add to mulch buckets.........JUST to get the lid off of the silly container. I'm hoping this will be the answer to my problems. I like to dump kitchen trash into my mulch pile in the back yard.........and stir it and add it to whatever I'm planting. (of course, after it bakes and breaks down for a bit..........I also like to add leaves) There is a man that rakes his leaves (that lives near us) and bags them up and puts them on the sidewalk.........they're always such nice leaves with no trash, so I watch out this time of year for them.

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mosbb said...

~mulch bucket~

sounds like you need to write a chapter in your book with that title...

Mobunny said...

I didn't mean to write a lecture on the virtues of just happened.

Humble wife said...

LOVE the new bucket! Looks so neat:)

Mobunny said...

Yeah, it's really neat.
Except for one flaw.
The lid pops off of it sometimes.
Just out of the blue.

mosbb said...

New chapter in ~mulch bucket~

Just out of the blue.

Mobunny said...

Are you laughing at me?

Peach said...

Is it metal?
How often do you dump it in the yard?
Does it stink up the house?
And, look! Your bucket has rays! Like a sun!!

Mobunny said...

It's metal.
It's from Lowe's.
They had red ones.
I dump it in the big mulch pile out back about every six days.
Then I rinse it out and let it dry.
It gets full about every 6 days or so.
We put egg shells, potato peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags and pattern pieces in it.
It's just what the doctor ordered.
And it doesn't smell and there's no bugs.
I guess I can call it my "sunshine pot"!