Saturday, November 1

NOVEMBER 1, 2,008

The next few posts will be of what I did today. Of course it isn't everything. I didn't take any pictures of me sneezing or waiting in the car just to hear the lady at Sonic tell us their slush machine was not working.
I don't care for October, so I was glad to turn the calendar page over to November. October means hayfever to me.........and waiting for cool fronts that never come. I'm sorry, I just can't enjoy October. I tried one year, but I didn't even try this year.
Maybe next year.
James took me to IHOP this morning. I had some pancakes that were kind of like a coffee/crumb cake. They were good and so was the coffee.
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Anonymous said...

It was fun to see your day in pictures! Thanks for taking the time to do it. (o:

Mobunny said...

I was feeling a little strange taking pictures of things.....but I thought it was worth it since October was history!

Janie said...

Sorry about the hayfever thing. Does spring cause it to act up again?

Mobunny said...

Mainly October. That's why I have such of an 'opinion' of October.