Tuesday, November 18

Just my days

does this cat look like she's in a bad mood or WHAT?

Olivia cooked this up when the cool front blew in.
It was quite comforting.

Crunch cake for company on Sunday.
Don't you love sprinkles?

Sewing an apron.
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Anonymous said...

Yes the kitty doesn't look too happy. (o;

mosbb said...

HEY! I made a cake with sprinkles for Sunday lunch, too! The grandsons were coming, so it seemed appropriate...the only thing missing was Angela, who adores sprinkle cake...she was down in her back, so didn't make it to the a.m. services, therefore she missed lunch with us. :(

Mobunny said...

If ya snooze, ya lose.

Chas said...

Christmas Aprons!
YEAH! :)

Amy said...

I am not sure if I love sprinkles, but I know the company loves your crunch cake.

Kristi said...

What is crunch cake? It looks scrumptious!


~~Deby said...

Looks like a pretty unhappy kitty to me....but you know that is how they are....they are the ones in control...
The meal looks great....mmmmm cake with sprinkles...yummmmo..