Saturday, November 1

jaunt with Olivia

We always hate to go to Sonic with one of our orders:
1 cherryslushlimeade with pineapple, make it a Route44 cranberry limeade, with pineapple easy on the ice, one large strawberry slush, I mean limeade slush with pineapple, did I say large? and one regular cherry slush. is that a medium or a large? did I say easy ice? no, the first one is a slush and the next one isn't, but then the next one is. If I said easy ice, that means it's not a slush, if I say slush, then that means a slush.

One of our favorite thrift stores had women's tops and skirts for 25cents each. I bought this pink and yellow top for Olivia but she said she wouldn't wear it until Spring. If it fit ME, I would wear it tomorrow. I got this pretty skrunchy blue and black skirt. Jolly really liked it I think.

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