Good Morning Monday

I have a ton of things to do today.
And it looks like rain.
Our cool front is slowly leaving us.
One will be back close to the weekend.
I need to call a dentist, need to do Lydia's school, laundry, pull a few weeds? call CVS to see if our pictures are in and drink some coffee.
Just normal things.
Hope you all have a good day.

As you see, my blog now has music.
If you don't enjoy it, just turn it off, or click on another song.
It won't hurt my feelings a bit.
I won't even know it.
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mosbb said…
All the pictures of Lydia are just adorable. I can hear you chuckling...
I know you miss your orange table. But the new one is just is all the nostalgia wrapped up with the orange one that makes you miss it.
I am having a few nostalgia issues myself right now.
Enjoy your coffee.
Mobunny said…
That would be ISSUE, not issue.
Rene' said…
Lydia looks so sweet.
I turned the music off, then Holly, my 6 yr old said, "I liked it!"
So I turned it back on. :)

Thank for all your homeschool help!
The pictures are adorable and today, it sounds like you got LOTS done :o)

ancient one said…
Love the picture of Lydia...I actually got more done today. But, I didn't get all the calls I needed to make, done. Mondays are always busy!
Humble wife said…
I am sorry to have been a lurker and not commenting. You must know I love your blog and your humor and your love for the Lord, and for your family...and how creative and crafty and fun your personality is...and how it all comes through loud and clear.

I am remiss to many blog friends by neglecting commenting. Please forgive are a joy to me and my day.

Hope kitty is well...:)
Karen said…
Good Tuesday Morning Mrs. Mo....I love your music......
Have a wonderful day~
Mobunny said…
I like the music too, but it startles me when it comes on.

I'm planning on having a good day.
James said I could turn the AC on if I wanted. So, I at least know being cool is an option.
Jamie Anne said…
If you add "my grandfathers clock", your playlist will be complete :)
Jamie Anne said…
(my kids love this song..i cant count the times i have played it for them on the piano)
Kristi said…
LOL, I wish we could meet. You are so hilarious! And although I have never met your family, I love you all! You just seem so down to earth and take everyday with a spring in your step. I like that! LOL

Mobunny said…
thanks everybody for your nice comments

I should start every Monday morning off like that!!!!

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