Sunday, October 5

In Memory of a Memory

Looking South to the ocean.........this all used to be sand, sand plants, and a parking lot. Now it is a small salty lake with a crumbled shore......

See the little building to the left.....kind of under the big building? It is (was) the cinder block bathrooms. They were not very nice, but they were bathrooms.

Closer shot of the tilting bathrooms.

Closer shot of the parking lot that no longer exists.

After taking a drive through Surfside, I was even more thankful than I had been see the destruction so close to home reminded me again how the Lord put a hedge around our city. We are about 5 miles from this place as the bird flies.........and I'm thinking hurricanes take routes that birds do, they don't stay on the highways.
This building you see is the place we would 'go to the beach'. We would park in this lot and walk to the water, or park on the beach, with the building behind us. Probably not long from now, the whole place will be torn down, and all it will be is a memory. The girls and I have many happy memories of this place.........I am posting a recipe.
What does a recipe have to do with a hurricane?
When we went to the beach, we would call the days different days depending on what we had to bring to eat that day. Some days were salty, meaning we only had water and sunflower seeds. Some days were 'big food' days, which meant we took hot-dogs. That was a mistake we won't make again. Some days were dessert days, sweet days......and here is Heather's recipe for ***Ocean Cheesecake***

******Ocean Cheesecake******

9X13 pan

2 sticks melted margarine or butter
2 cups flour
1 cup nuts

mix together
press in pan
bake 10-12 minutes 350


2 8oz. softened cream cheese
1 8oz. softened cool whip
2 cups powdered sugar

mix and spread over cooled crust

I don't mean chill, like you think chill, this chill means put it in the fridge.

You can add peanut butter, crushed peppermints, chocolate pretties, andes candies.........or even FRUIT!

This is easy and yummy, and good for a day at the beach.
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Peach said...

Your recipes are a hoot!!
And, I'm sorry your hangout was torn down. :( :(

Mobunny said...

cimc peach

Tinykittenz said...

Your recipe and mine are close! I didn't know how to make a crust though. That's great!!

I might add a few drops of blue food coloring to the Cheescake, and swirl it in.

Thank you for sharing!!

Mobunny said...

good idea
just like the ocean
blue swirls
sniff sniff

Kristi said...

The recipe looks good. Sorry about your beach spot.


Morgan said...

Wow...I'm so glad God protected you guys! I am sorry that your spot is all torn up, and that the town will be no more. The pictures of the beachspot made it a lot more real, and it is amazing how God took care of your town.

Thanks for sharing the recipe...I'll have to try it sometime!

ancient one said...

sorry Ike messed up your beach place. So thankful that you and yours were not hurt. ~ann

momomof3 said...

We have not gone out to Surfside yet, and seeing the pictures brought saddness to my heart. I liked it there too!! But we were all blessed in so many ways. So that is something to be thankful for. See you tonight.

mosbb said...

So I guess we aren't going to the beach when I get there.

You guys will find somewhere to go, eventually. Glad you made good memories...

Mobunny said...

and we're not going to Galveston, either.