Wednesday, October 15

Good Morning

I have a new book that is called The Best of the Old Farmer's Almanac.......this was off of poetry and anecdotes, 1870:

(Life would be intolerable)

If for every outburst
of hasty temper,
And for every rudeness
that wounds us,
We were to demand an apology...
Daily intercourse would be impossible.

If we are always waiting for somebody to apologize, we are most miserable.
If we can't make it through a day without reminding somebody of their rudeness......we are most miserable.
If somebody did by chance have a hasty temper, an outburst, what are we REALLY supposed to do?
Carry it around with us until our heart stoops?
Wait in vain until we can somehow reveal to that person just how awful they were to us?
Do you know how long that could take?
Go ahead, demand an apology.......wait for a confession.........hold on until everybody admits that you were right.
One of these days you just might be right.........and nobody will care to hear it.
So why not just overlook, forget it, forgive the trespass, get over will make your meals sweeter, your sleep sleepier.........and everything in between eating and sleeping will be nice, too.

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~~Deby said...

These are neat..the ones in the post above too.

Anonymous said...

Love this one! (o:


Oh, I just saw this one. So wise. This is the kind of things that I love reading. Thanks for sharing them with us. Grandma