Saturday, October 11

coffee art

This is what happens when order an iced Americano and then add cream to it. Everyone says I get this kind of coffee so nobody will want drinks of it, but I really do like it. It's strong, but not bitter. It's fun but not expensive. I don't need the doublemochablackandwhitemooooofrappacappa type stuff anymore.
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ancient one said...

I want my coffee hot in my cup from my kitchen with just a spoonful of sugar and a dash of powered creamer. One cup a day.. that's all. I've been drinking coffee since I was a baby. My mom said she put buiscuit in the coffee and when it was well saturated spooned it into me.. My granddaddy could drink it cold but he drank it by himself..LOL

Chas said...

Interesting coffee there Mrs. Mo.
I like the swirly, I don't know what that would taste like, I don't know a lot of different kinds of coffees. I just know that I make it every morning I put yummy creamer in it, if I have some and I like it to almost burn my tongue. :)
Mmm, I might have to brew an afternoon pot. ;)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Mobunny said...

Afternoon pot, sounds good to me.
I just bought some Bluebell coffee ice cream......I'm going to make coffee smoothies.
Oh Ancient One, I don't like sugar in my coffee. And how do you stop at just ONE cup?
I have a cloth napkin soaking in coffee right now.......I hope it stains up real pretty.


Everytime I have come over here and see that coffee. I have to go make me some. It is not as intresting as your is

You will have to make me some just like that one of these days. love you, Grandma

Jeff said...

I could go for a couple iced Americanos about now. I used to go to Tully's a couple times per day and get one. They are SO good!

IMO - Americanos are best from Tully's - The Coffee Bean and Starbucks seem to be bitter. :)

Mobunny said...

Tully's.......never heard of the place.
I would give the place a *shot* though!

jeff said...

Mobunny said...

1,544 miles to a Tully's from our town.

I guess we will just have to keep going here: