Thursday, September 4

taking notes

I write things down as I think of them.....things that need to be done......kinda like a grocery list, except this is more 'get stuff done' oriented. If I have it written down to where I won't forget it, then I can go on to other things when they come up. Like they always do. Our house has been turned upsidedown for almost 6 weeks. Yes, it was worth it, but now I have no excuse to get things cleaned up and in order. These are the things I need to get done before Saturday evening:

laundry......well duh. I don't even know why I wrote that on the is like micromanaging your life to write down laundry. whatamigonna do? forget to do it or something?

ceiling fans.......all of the fans need a damp rag and attention, I'm not looking forward to this job because the stuff gets in your eyes and hair whilst cleaning. why?why?why? don't I keep them dusted often, then it wouldn't get caked on?

desk........avalanche, glacier, snowballed, snowed under, snowstorm........that's what I think of when I think of my poor desk the past weeks. It got the brunt of everybody's stuff......probably because we don't have a ledge anymore. Well, my desk is not the ledge, so I need to do something about it quick before I need a snow shovel.'s really not that bad......I just need to tidy up a bit, and probably dust.....there's a ceiling fan in that room, too. ugh.

dessert for tonight.......pound cake and crunch cake? I'll have to think on it. We're going to PaPa and Granny's home tonight to watch the Republicans Speak, and we need snacks. POUND cake sounds just about right.............hahahhahahaha

sale stuff.........there is some in an old bassinnet out in the garage and some in an old wash tub here in the house. It needs marked and boxed up. I usually just bag the stuff up then have to mark all of it. It takes a couple of days to do it, and things are bad and busy enough right before a sale to have to spend 2 days outside marking things. So, if it is sale stuff, it can't officially go to the garage without being marked. We have a big turnover of stuff around here because we can get things for such good prices at our many thrift stores. rotate your stock and get rid of what you don't need or want..........if it isn't beautiful, get rid of it, right?
(can we keep the cat?)

box of lids
box of pans........I have a box of collected pans and lids that need to be fixed up better. I have a place I will put the box, but the box isn't ready like I thought it was yesterday........I finished the box up all nice and pretty, then spied another box of the same stuff. Actually, I heard it in the bedroom laughing. It's in the same room as a ceiling fan. Both were probably laughing. The kitchen is decorated for now, but we will switch stuff above the plates and bowls and cup cabinet. Everything up there is glass for right now, but it will change with the seasons I'm sure.

BEACH........I want to go to the beach today. Just to sit by the ocean. We won't be getting in. Just sitting. I hope I can fit this one in. The ceiling fans can wait, right?

Fridge......this isn't too bad, but it just needs cleared out of probable science projects

apron.......somebody ordered an apron.......i opened the Hutch door up just a little and took an order needs cleaned.........worse than the ceiling fans need dusted.

yard trash.......there's all kinds of things in the yard that need to be taken to the trash pile........from twigs to unused boards

sewing room.........I should have named the tropical depression/storm that hit this poor room, but I was too busy.

wash's all clean, but there are some things in there that need to be removed. The problem is, I don't WANT to remove the thing that needs removal. It is an old enamel? type cabinet from the 60's?......I painted it periwinkle and it has held our baggies and rice and peanut butter and napkins for a LONG's in good condition and I really still like it. I just don't have room for it.

HUTCH........I am going to go to new blogger for the Rabbit Hutch store I have online.........that way people can subscribe to it and see when new things HOP up. I have a HUGE amount of nice clothes and 'stuff' to post on the just takes time. It's a Funday when I do it though. Not like a ceiling fan deal.

OCM hard drive.......she got me an external hard drive for my birthday.......this past one when I turned 32. I need her to show me how to put all of our picasa pictures on it so they will be saved and safe. I just know it will take all of my time up and I won't get to the ceiling fans.

JDM.......BUY SOME NEW WORK JEANS........I keep telling him and telling hime. Also, he needs to write a thank you note to the Aunts. They sent him the most WONDERFUL graduation present..........a CD with music from the Titanic.......not the movie, but songs that were popular during that time, and actually played ON the ship, a Titanic coffee cup.......he was just tickled to get the package. They certainly do know how to pick out a present!

Stove sign.........we have yet to sell our stove. You know, the old one. The electric one. The one we don't need anymore. We need to drag it back out to the end of the driveway today, with my sign on it. I could put a few signs up at our grocery stores. That might help.

School. School? what? I need to prepare school tomorrow. It will be for just two girls. I'm almost running out of kids. It will be fun to prepare it.........we should start on Monday.

OLIVIA.........would you please set all the clocks in the house to say the same thing? I don't do clocks.
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Chas said...

Whistle while you work... :)
Or hum, or sing for that matter. :)
Just be joyful that God has blessed us with plenty to do. :D
Love you,

ancient one said...

You would have to mention ceiling fans... mine need attention now!!

Julie said...

I learned a trick for ceiling fans. I hated all the dust flying everywhere as well.
I put a pillow case on the blade and then slide the pillowcase off. The dust comes with is and stays in the pillowcase. It has worked wonderfully the past couple of times I have done it.
Then you just take the pillowcase outside, turn it inside out and shake it out.

His Wife and Their Mommy said...

I would help u. but for some reason I tend to sick every time I clean someone else's house.
and I love all the clock being different. That way Luis never knows what time we really are leaving for church..heehee

mosbb said...

MO, that pillowcase ceiling fan thing just might work!!!
MINE are not dusty...

32? Huh? ~snicker~

Make sure you use a purple pen or marker to cross off your accomplishments! Do ALLLLLLL those things need to be done before Saturday? Who is coming to visit? The Republican candidate and his running mate?

Mobunny said...

nobody is coming.......I just gotta get things back into some kind of order before we start school........I don't feel right about opening the Hutch back up when so many other things need attention.

Mobunny said...

And about that pillowcase thing......I'll try it in the dining room. Oh me, I wish I would have known it yesterday. See, I should have waited ONE more day to do the fans.

Pen of Jen said...

Perhaps we can have the kids consult each other after completing the science projects via the fridge!!!

Lids...I have a few pan lids...aluminum or metal...and I rotate on my burners. I like to hide the burners and unlike the fridge that comes with a handy-dandy door, I must improvise. And as an eclectic brain person the lids work lovely!!

Hope the beach gets to see ya soon!