Thursday, September 11

take a hike, ike

We're somewhere south of Lufkin.........that's as far as we could make it last night. I was reported by one of my own children to the head of the convoy we were in. I guess I was swerving...... We're on our way to my Aunt's home to wait out the storm.
So much for starting school. So much for a lot of things. I guess we'll just watch the Weather Channel to find out how the rest of our year will be spent.
I need to practice what I've been preaching..........keep your mind and thoughts on good things. Things that edify. Instead of Timbuktu or Smithereens. That's where things get blown to. Timbuktu and Smithereen thoughts, do not edify.
So, today is 9/11. Looks like it will be the birthday of our 5th grandchild. We were in the lobby eating breakfast and the news showed some clips from 7 years ago..........a man was sitting with a picture of a woman, probably his wife. All he has now is a picture.
I'm not so bad off. I have pictures AND my family.
Happy day to you all.


Julie said...

I am praying for your family. Its rough being uprooted. Hang in there.

I gave you an award on my blog. I hope it cheers you up! :)

ancient one said...

Stay Safe. Maybe Ike will not be so bad. I pray he isn't. (((hugs)))

Jamie Anne said...

i was wondering if you all would evacuate! stay safe!

Lindsay said...

I'm praying for y'all and thinking about y'all a lot! We're headed out in the morning, so I know how tough it is. I hope everything goes well for you!

~ Lindsay from HSA

mosbb said...

How many vehicles did you take? All of them? I am SO relieved that C. had opportunity to go home and pack a few things.

Send me e-mails to update; I know the phone minutes won't last forever.

Mobunny said...

We are now at my Aunt's is good to be here and we know we are welcomed.
We brought 4 vehicles......didn't have too hard of a time following each other. This was the first time O. and D. had ever driven through Houston. It was probably my 4th. :o
Looks like IKE is still heading for us.
I must admit that I'm feeling a bit puny sometimes.

Pen of Jen said...

Sorry that you all had to leave, but I am glad that you have a place to go.

Praying all goes well with grandbaby..

claire said...

You're in my prayers. I live in South Florida so I know how it is!!

Chas said...

Love to you Mrs. Mo.
Praying for your safety.
And congrats on the new little lamb. We can't wait to hear about it! :)
Love you,

The McFarlane Family said...

Praying for you Mrs. Mo. I pray that your home will be spared and that God will be your peace in the midst of the storm.

HordeMomy said...

Praying for you Mrs. Mo!

Sheri aka kitchenmaid said...

I'll pray for you. You've been on my mind all day today. May the peace of God dwell in you richly; I don't say that to just pass along a little ditty; I truly pray you will be upheld by the peace that only comes from the Lord Jesus.

The McFarlane Family said...

I've been praying for you often today. Our WHOLE family has. We have also been watching Fox News and the Weather Channel. Karissa keeps asking me "Where is Freeport?" She is very concerned about Lydia and the rest of your family. We are praying, praying, praying.

Mamalama said...

Prayers here, too, Mo.
Emma is very concerned for Kim, and for your pets...are they with you? You all are constantly on our minds and in our prayers, as we check the weather updates for new info.

Lisa said...

Praying for you Mrs. Mo!
Lisa aka living4him

Kristi said...

I heard you now have a new grandbaby. Congratulations!! I'm sure she's a doll.

Praying you're able to return home soon.


Pastor McEntire said...

Mobunny's husband here, in Freeport! Daniel and I made the trip back today in order to assess the damage. We have been blessed. The house is completely intact with just a few shingle tabs missing and in one corner over the eve of the house the roofing is gone down to the decking. From 100 miles north of Houston coming down HWY 59 we probably did not see three or four places with power. The whole area of southeast Texas is without power. Most of our town is without power. Imagine our surprise when we walked into the house and found the lights on. We are humbled to think of God's blessings toward us and truly grateful. We were prepared for the worst and more than willing to trust God's judgment in the matter, but we are thankful that we were spared while at the same time moved by the suffering of our dear neighbors to the east in Galveston. Galveston is a beautiful city with a rich and colorful history where Michele and I have spent many memorable days with family and friends. We trust her recovery will be swift and complete.