Saturday, September 6

Kimberly's school books.......

We're starting school on Monday. And yes, I kinda waited till the last minute to get their books ready. But they are ready. So we will start on Monday.

these are not in the same order as what you see in the picture........

Saxon Math.......these books have saved my life more than once.

Foxe's Christian book of Martyers.........I think we have read this book in family devotions, but it won't hurt to read it again.

Romance of the Civil War.........looks like kind of a different history book to me.

Timely Talks With Teenagers..........a conservative book from the Amish.

Sweet Land of Liberty.......a history book

Food Tips and Cooking Tricks.......this is a neato book......learn more about cooking and little tricks.......I love little trick books. Actually, this is not a little book. Kimberly will read each section/chapter and write down things that are worth remembering. Everything is not.

The White House......this isn't a very personal book, but it is history. Kimberly read about the President's Wives last year, so I thought it would be nice for her to read about.....their 'house'.

Gaining Favor With God and Man.......she will be the 4th to do this book and the questions. It is 432 page book.........and I wrote questions for almost every page. This is a good book for your library, no matter how old you are.

True Womanhood/workbook......from Pearables.........excellent book for a young lady. Home Sweet Home!!!!!

The Presidents..........I figured while Kim was at it, that she should read about the husbands........this is a great book. It was written before Clinton came into office.

God and Government........the way things ought to be.

God's Masterpiece Man's Body.......she will finish this up from last year.

Nelson's Student Bible Dictionary........Kimberly will read each word, copy the ones that are hard to spell and learn to pronounce each one correctly. I listen to A. Scourby read the Bible, and one of us is sure messing things up.

Abeka Biology.........I'm not a huge fan of Abeka, but I do like this book.

Parts of Speech
Learning English with the Bible
Grammar and Usage
3 workbooks Kimberly can hardly wait to start. She will learn to diagram this year. It does matter. You do need to know these things. I like English, do you?

Drawing Textbook from last year.

Everyday Spelling......this is a hardback book that Kimberly will write in. It's full of rules, silent letters, homonyms, prefixes and suffixes.

First Aid........a book full of accidents and mishaps and what to do. It's sorta like a Science an emergency kind of way.

Hints, tips and Everyday Wisdom........just another 'homey' book for Kimberly to read. It's got stuff from wheat germ to saving the trees on your property!

I prepared all of this..........for Kimberly.........for one school year. We're trying something different this time. Each book has a notecard in the front, I told her what I wanted to do with each book. Some have questions, some do not. Either way, I will be checking the books off and on to see her progress. She is supposed to date each assignment.

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It all looks like she will be doing some very good learning. That a good thing.

I loved English and especially when we got to the sentence structure. Hope she likes it. You are right you do learn a lot doing it. Grandma

Happy School Kim!!!!

Humble wife said...

Neat...I use a wide variety of texts also. I have a notebook with a years worth of assignments that they work off. As you do, everything is to be named labeled and dated...

We have group Bible study, Spanish, and Home EC(ie chores:)

I have 70 words from the Bible that each year they have to define, locate, and write a scripture passage(I recalled that you have a bible dictionary in photo) as a nothing to do project!

The kids also have reports that are I suppose competitive... the best report gets 20 points...every 100 points gets the winner a weekend pass from chores...(quizzes add up, assignments,)

I love the home school environment.!!

mosbb said...

I like what you have there...

and DID do the Foxes Martyrs book in family devotions, because I was there for a few of the days...

Just in case you really needed confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get books like that? Can you buy them used? I am trying to start making lists of what people recommend so I have some sort of idea where to start in a few years.

ancient one said...

Interesting list of books there for your homeschool. I always loved English and it was my best subject, but you wouldn't know it today to hear me speak. ha ha