Wednesday, September 24

just a few more things

this yellow and white striped curtain covers the popcorn shelf, the coffee shelf, and an almost empty top shelf

yes, I see that a drawer is still white........and yes, we are going to put the flooring in soon.........but here's my new curtain! I've always wanted curtains instead of doors....
we need the drawer touch up paint and the flooring........and then we'll be finished!
I have been doing lots of cooking lately and it is a BREEZE to be in the kitchen. It is such a blessing to have everything just so........if a cool front comes in tomorrow, or if the air turns dry and we turn off the a.c., I am making brownies.
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ancient one said...

We have that cool front and gale force winds today. Brownies would be good! To me this is soup weather.

Your curtains are pretty. I know you are going to enjoy your "new" kitchen.

Mobunny said...

It will be a while before it's soup weather around here. Maybe January?

Anonymous said...

It's been such a delight to watch your new kitchen come together! (o:

Jamie Anne said...

bless your heart, i didnt think you would still send the seeds to me, after the hurricane and all! i will surely think of you every time i see the flowers that will come from them :) :)

Mobunny said...

Well there I always went and complained about them because I didn't like the they're all gone!
Hope they grow and grow for you!