Sunday, September 14


There must have been a hedge about our home in our little windblown town!
James and Daniel went this morning to see the damage, and there was none!
no water
no trees in the roof
no parts of the house missing
the cat was still there
one of them at least.......we hardly ever know where Cougar is
the bird was fine
the electricity appeared to not have been out at all

My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gary are taking fine care of all of us. It has been a nice time to visit and talk about 'when we were young'.
I just talked with Heather........I do wish I could see our new little granddaughter...............they say she is so little.

We are fine.
All of our church people are fine.
We are also very thankful to the Lord for the protection of our homes.
Thanks to all of you that followed the storm with us and prayed for us.


ancient one said...

Yay... my 3rd blogger from Texas checking in... and all is well... God is so Good. Okay, got three more to here from... Oh I'm so happy that your house is ok, especially since you'd been working so hard on it lately...

Happy for the new baby... I know you're wanting to see her soon... enjoy your time with the kin-folks...

Humble wife said...

Praise God! You all have been in my prayers.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Praise God for the hedge of protection!

mosbb said...

my dear friend!

I am feeling a bit antsy about seeing C. and H.'s baby too. My mother and brother went to visit with her yesterday for a short while. Mom said, "I GOT TO SEE THE BABY BEFORE YOU DID....HAHAHA."
I never figured my 80 year old mother for being a stinker like that, but there is the proof!
Actually, they sent a couple pictures to me...I can't really see much of the baby because she is so bundled. The important thing is that she is actually in their arms...God is so good.
Praise the Lord that your home was spared.
I will be e-mailing you.

Anonymous said...

I'm *so glad* that your home and animals are all safe, praise the Lord! (o:


Mamalama said...

I'm so thankful that your church families are all okay too!

Thank you, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gary, for taking care of my mobunny friends so well. :D

Chas said...

Oh I am so happy.
Praise the Lord! :D

~~Deby said...

Been praying hard for ALL of you...

Kristi said...

Good news, indeed! Praise the Lord!

I know your little grandaughter is just waiting for you!! I hope you get to see her very soon.


Susannah said...

I prayed for a hedge. Thank God!