Friday, September 19

Hi Grandma Kim

Today she is a lima bean.
who knows.
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Susannah said...

So much potential wrapped up in a sweet, sweet package. Darling!

mosbb said...

I am the luckiest grandma in the
Thank you so much, dear Grandmother Mobunny.

Kristi said...

Oh What a SWEET baby. She just looks so precious and so tiny. My prayer is that she will grow everyday. What is her middle name?

Mobunny said...

Grace is her middle name........she is home......and she is gaining weight.

Chas said...

She is exquisite!!! Just precious.
Congratulations to you all!!!!

momomof3 said...

She is precious...I can't wait to see her. Love to all of you and Heather try to get some rest in between.:0)