Monday, September 1

the BIG bar

I have never seen anybody doing Formica. I only see the finished product. It was pretty neat to see all the steps. I must admit I missed them cutting the top......but I did see them paint the glue on the board.

Ugh. This is nerve wracking to me........I would never build tall buildings, put more than ONE car on a trailer to transport them from city to city, I'd never make tall slipper slides or 6 foot deep swimming pools, and I HATE people wedging things in doors, dragging things around and moving things that are too big to be moved.

This is on the kitchen side...........we don't want to just paint it, but nobody in the family wants anything weird we're going to think on it for a while. I already know what I would do......I'd get some thin sheet tin.......cover it just like you would tin foil on a cookie sheet, and screw it on. I think it would look neat, and boy would it ever take the wear and tear! I imagine we will get some kind of wallpaper. Not that we know how to wallpaper...............

This 'new eating table' is huge.......perfect! The cabinets are big enough for 2 grown people to lay down. I can't wait to fill them up!
(this side will wait to get painted or whatever also.....we're doing the dining room in 'Autumn', so we need to wait.
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Pen of Jen said...

love love love all the changes!

If you wait a bit, you may get an idea...from what we are going to do behind the woodstove. I plan on trying to finish next weekend. It is sooo easy and rustic and fun!


Mobunny said...

I'll be watching........

Jen said...

I agree that the tin would look neat too - or some of the patterned tin that they use on ceilings (this is what I want as my backsplash). Another idea (what my parents have done, and what we plan to do on our plain exposed bottom cupboards), is to put up some of the "bead board" (its what we call it up here) - that's the boards you have up on your walls that are yellow.

Jen (used to be cloth_doll at the Shed)

Mobunny said...

I like the thought of deco-tin.