Saturday, August 30

yesterday and today

we got a new toaster.....our old one was white and was too big.......we just got a two holer this time
we also got a new blender, this one will be for sweet things
we do have another blender but it is for hot sauce
we don't want a cilantro smoothie or banana salsa

a drawer full of cat

This cabinet is going to be HUGE. It is to take place of the orange eating table,,,,,,,now it will be the new eating table. The overhang is to use as a bar, the cabinets will be for a thousand things.
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ancient one said...

Hey.. I've been hanging around here tonight, catching up on all the goings on..I'm really enjoying seeing your kitchen take shape..all the colors going on.. (I'm partial to white, myself).. but your colors are looking so good.. I know about melmac dishes. We had a set a hundred years ago. Long gone, now.. I find myself using party cups and paper plates most times now.. I think that even if the president came, he'd probaby be served on a styafoam tray..LOL (less dish washing) I don't have a dish washer either.

I love your old plates and bowls. Always did love old things the best..

Enjoyed my visit as usual...

Humble wife said...

Love the cabinet!!
Kitty's sure do make things fun don't they!

Peach said...

What about chocolate peppers? Or tomato ice cream?
You are a hoot!! Hoot hoot!!