Saturday, August 30


I've been a Baptist for a long time. I know why I'm a Baptist. I've been to lots of Baptist churches. I even make pumpkin bread. If somebody can tell me what in the world this sign means, I would appreciate it. It's one of the craziest things I've ever seen. (It's on the way to Mississippi.) Is this a place for Pumpkins that are Baptists? or a place for Baptists that are pumpkins?

(click on the picture so you can read the sign)

(and if there ARE Baptist Pumpkins, would you know it if you saw one?)
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Humble wife said...

I had a witty comment about Louisiana being under water therefore the pumpkins are Baptist...but with the impending hurricane I couldn't do it.

The sign is fun...makes me think of the many unusual signs I have seen all over the world.

Thanks for the uplifting comment on my certainly was said at the perfect time, thank you so much.

~~Deby said...

This sure is a funny one....CLUELESS....????
Praying for all of you...

Mamalama said...

there is a town near us called Pumpkin Center. funny sign.

ancient one said...

Maybe its the exit for two places. Is there a Baptist (town or city)in your state?

If I had a pumkin center it would be Baptist. *grin*

~~Deby said...

Thinking and praying for you and yours during this hurricane...

Olivia said...

Wish I coulda seen you scramble for your camera to get this picture. 8)
I think it is a sign that we should definitely paint the dining room ceiling pumpkin. :D

Mobunny said...

a sign that is a sign
i'd say that was a pretty good sign
to paint the dining room

A Note From Theresa said...

Michele, you are so funny!

Peach said...

This is funny... about the same sign.
And, turns out, it is a sign for two different places. ;)