Tuesday, August 5

paint for the kitchen

you don't realize how many names there are for the color yellow, until you look for paint.
somebody has quite an imagination out there

the two formica samples are covering up a shade of pink we won't use
it is too bedroomy

the sample on the left is CRAYON, and it will be our counter tops

the sample on the right will be the table
the table that will replace our orange eating table

we somehow will add some yellow to all of it.

green cabinets
purple on some of the cabinets
yellow for the walls or trim
the whitish color for walls or trim
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Amy said...

I am so excited that you guys are getting a brand new kitchen. I love the green color and the crayon is similar to our countertops. Have fun and take lots of pictures. It is a good thing you didn't dee-daddle around thinking 'Edouard' woukd be gracious to do the dirty work for you.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Woot hoot a brand new kitchen! Want my stainless sink? LOL! I can not stand it! i want a nice enamel one. Some day when the house is ours it will be!


I love all the colors. It will be a much brighter place when you all get finished. I am so happy for you!!! God is so good to all of us. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Michele, Wow you really gutted out the kitchen..where are you cooking? Or are you? HA How long is this going to take? Looks like everyone is pitching in. Are you putting in flooring to? EMAIL ME! at kristikirkwood@hotmail.com Your sister, Kristi

mosbb said...

mo, your poor sister really wants to hear from you!
e-mail her.

Candy said...

I think yellow is a pretty color and lately I also like green for cupboard/cabinet doors too!!!
It will be pretty.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to say that you had a great idea for the paper doll pattern to embroider it on a linen. I just may do that! :)