Sunday, August 24

our orange eating table

This still kind of stings.
We will really miss that table.
We had ordered a green piece of formica to cover the new table.......well, we get to Lowe's on Saturday and they inform us that what we special ordered and PAID for, was no longer available. So, we had to pick out another color formica. I was sooooooooooooooooooo sick that morning, I didn't even care what we we got what the other cabinet tops have........Crayon. I did go glance at the other choices, but they were swimming and I couldn't I figured we couldn't go wrong with something that actually matched what we had.
I took some prescription medicine Friday night for a headache, and I had some strange side of them being a headache. Go figure.
So Saturday morning at Lowe's was not what it usually is. The ride out there wasn't either. James stopped at McDonalds and told me he would be glad to buy me one of those waffle sandwiches if it would make me feel better. ugh. I can't believe I would ever feel so bad that I couldn't eat one of those things.
We looked at hinges, wire racks........and formica. I didn't care what we got. I said, what's my choice with these hinges? white. white is fine.
wire racks? we can't get the one I've been thinking allllllllllll along that we were going to get?
so what.
I don't even care. here, we'll get this little one. one is fine. and this one, for tin foil.
Is that all? yeah.
I felt horrible.
I'm glad it is over.
Then of all of times, we were in the van, and it has been running hot. I only wanted to get HOME so I could go to bed........we had to stop at Buc-ees for water. Any other old time, I would have gone in and gotten something yummy to eat or drink. I slept until one on Saturday. It is now 8:30 Sunday night, and I am just now feeling better.
James said that was a really nice trip to Lowe's. I was so easy to get along with.
I probably was.
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Anonymous said...

hi mobunny, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a smile. I had to think for a minute then ofcourse the bunny connection, haha!
Bless you!
Sandra in NZ

MightyMom said...

well now, I must be tired cuz when I read "orange eating table" for some reason my poor little brain thought it was a table to eat oranges at.......


I love what you've done with your kitchen. Can't wait to see the finished product. Question...why didn't you put a new top on your oh-so-sturdy table base?? It'd be hard for me to part with a sturdy table!

oh and I was glad to read your zoo review. (revoo??) I've always heard the Dallas Zoo isn't much, but as it's a whole lot closer to us than the FT Worth Zoo we were thinking of trying it to see....after your revoo, I think I'll skip it and just plan a day trip to Ft Worth!!

Mobunny said...

(Sandra, Yes, there was a bunny connection....)

chuckle, mightymom!
It WAS a sturdy table, but the wrong shape. The 'orange' eating table had a curve and the new one will be rectangle. The new one should be just as sturdy!
YES, go to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It will be worth the drive.

Chas said...

Poor, poor Mrs. Mo...
I sure hope you are feeling better now.
I am sorry about your orange table... such sweet memories are hard to let go of, even if it doesn't match anything else you have.
Love to you dear friend.

Kristi said...

Ohhhh, I'm sorry you were sick. I hope you're feeling MUCH better now.