Tuesday, August 5

Orange Eating Table

pulled out of our kitchen
just like a tooth
and it hurt just like a tooth
you know it has to go
but you know it's going to hurt
then you're glad it's gone
then you get a new one.

This is the famous Orange Eating Table being taken apart at the seams. This table was PERFECT for playing games and setting up things.......dominoes, tiles, army men, tinker toys, leggo creations, puzzles........this table never budged. Not a hair. You could bump in to it, and the tiles would stay standing, the army men would not fall and the tinker toys would be stable.

This is the table we did most of our 'mixing' at, this is where we rolled out cookies, and made bread, and stirred up peach clobber........it's where the overflow kids would set when we had company.

Good-bye Orange Eating Table.
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