Thursday, August 28

Kitchen Pretties part 1

This pig is from my Grandma F.
I don't really care for cookie jars.
Can you believe it?
So, we will just put do-nuts in it.

This is going to be the tea table.
I don't like tea, either.
But I like tea 'things'.

This is one of my most favorite pictures.
The artist is Patricia Hillman.
The little cookie cutter beside the picture is from
The Lydia Rose. The store is no longer open.
That's sad, because the family finally got to go to Fredericksburg........and there was a jewelery store there instead.

Olivia put the pretty clock up on the shelf......then I found a perfect rabbit, I put some flowers in her basket.
These are my pretty little glass cups I got a long time ago.
I think they're at home on this shelf.
Does it look like Christmas out the window?
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