Thursday, August 7

just day 4

My dear husband saved the windowsill for me
so I can sit fun things on it
that would not include the cat

he hung wall board up all day

it's old fashioned stripey stuff
I can't wait to see it in yellow!!

a Kitchen Bunny with no name.
can you believe it?
I can't think of a name.
I wanted it to be something like Betty know
REAL kitcheny
but she just doesn't look like a Betty.
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A Note From Theresa said...

Ok I'm naming your bunny...his name is Limeon. He is half Lime, half Lemon. Plus you said he is a kitchen bunny right, so why not name him after food.

:) lol the kitchen is looking good. Call if you want help.

mosbb said...

Chef Boy Har-dee...

ok, that's lame. sorry (slinking away).....

mosbb said...

Jim took me to the fair tonight, and we looked at all the bunnies. So MANY bunnies, all colors and sizes, and so furry.
I saw one...oh Mo, it was so adorable. I would have taken a picture just for your if I had remembered to bring my camera with me.
It was a white, small, longhaired, collar bejeweled,
model...seriously, she had natural eye liner around both her eyes. Just sooooooooo adoraable.

Mamalama said...

i love beadboard.
i want some in my someday-kitchen.
i'm going to paint mine yellow, too. :)

like butter
or banana cream pie
or lemon bars
or yellow cake (with chocolate frosting)