Friday, August 15

it must have been 4'oclock

just a few zinnias

I let Zephyr be in the picture so you could tell how big the flowers were

the scent of these flowers wafted out onto the street

too bad I didn't plan this
these flowers come up on their own
re-seed themselves
they're always blooming
always putting off seeds
you can't pull them out like weeds
they have a tube like root
some of them are like small trees

if anybody wants seeds
I have a million.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Very pretty flowers!

motherof5boys1girl said...

feel free to send any my way! my sister let me pull up a few small plants this spring and they have turned into huge bushes of flowers..too bad i planted them in the back yard by the fence. ive heard that they grow back on their own too so imagine my whole backyard with be a forest of 4 o'clocks!

Mobunny said...

motherof5boys1girl or anybody else can go to this the top left side of the blog, it says e-mail me...........

if you want some seeds, I will be glad to send you some!!!