Tuesday, August 26

Good Morning!

I am going to put a few things up in cabinets today.........some food and the plates/bowls/cups. Things are moving along.........in the Gulf, also. We're watching a disturbance? to see where it will head.
The three girls and I will be getting groceries today, we're not taking ANY babies with us this time. 7 is way too many.

And yes, the check was in the mail. We have been waiting on a check for a LONG time, and it got here yesterday.

It was the check,
to reimburse us,
for paying for repairs,
because somebody sold us a car,
without an inspection sticker.

It's all settled now, and are we glad. I just might call Herb today at Millenium and tell him we GOT the check, instead of calling him and asking him where IS the check.
OK, here it is, I told myself if we did get the check that I would recommend the dealership we got Olivia's red Volvo from:

Millennium Audi, it's North of Saturn.
In Houston.

Go there, but be sure to sell all you have beforehand, this would include your house and all of your vehicles, and maybe some of your friend's cars.........and then you can buy a car from this gracious dealership.
UNLESS you get a deal like we did, you'll just have to bear the price.
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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The kitchen is sure getting there. Will you be glad when it is done?

motherof5boys1girl said...

please be careful though, someone mentioned that it could be a pretty bad storm! you all will evacuate if necessary though, yes?
i think we would all miss your blogs too much otherwise!

Mobunny said...

We will leave if the storm is heading for us and it looks strong. We did it three years ago in September......the same week we had twin grand babies born in Mississippi. We left, got caught in a storm in Mississippi, came back, it hadn't even rained at our house.

And yes, I'll be glad to have the kitchen done. It's funny what you have to do to eat or drink something. You fill ice cube trays up on chairs, look for the salt, stand up and eat, look for the salt, forget what a kitchen looks like with cabinets, look for the salt, forget where the fridge is..........PaPa is easy to work with, he shakes his head at me sometimes with my ideas.....it's coming right along though. And if nothing else, now I know exactly what I have......4 orange peeler things from Tupperware, too many skillets, lots of pretty glass dishes for olives and holidays, ONE beater for my mixer.