Friday, August 15

Good Morning

It is raining again. You'd think this was Oregon or something. Well, at least I got my outside stuff done yesterday. Hopefully the window will come in today and we can get that put in........James said he would put a small shelf (top sill?) on the top of the window........but the things I put on the shelf can't be heavy. That shouldn't be too hard. Olivia made popcorn on the real stove last night. I wonder how long it will take me to get used to a flame instead of a circle of heat?
click click click BOOM.
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Anonymous said...

Everything is coming along nicely on the kitchen reno--I bet you're *more than ready* for it to be done. (o;

I've had gas stoves and I've had electric and see advantages to both. I think electric is less scary since there isn't actually fire involved. But with gas you get the exact temperature you need, instantly. And if something is burning or boiling over you don't have to move the pot, you just turn the burner off.

The two down sides to gas for me was the coating it leaves on everything in the kitchen and how hot it makes your house. Your air conditioner will work a bit harder to keep your house cool. I think you'll really enjoy gas though--all the professional chefs say it's the *best*.

Mobunny said...

I hope I can bring myself to turn the oven on some day.
I just remember my mom struggling with pilot lights and blowing, and lighting matches, on her hands and knees peering into the oven we hardly ever used. I was brought up NOT baking because of that silly oven.
I realize things are nicer and safer today, I'll get over the hump, soon.


About as long as it takes you to get your first electric

I do believe you will be surprised. Grandma

Humble wife said...

Click click click boom!! You are too funny!!!